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Since my wife, Liz and I have retired, we decided to have our yearly holiday during UK winter rather than the usual summer time. I love the Spring, the Summer and the Autumn here. I wouldn't like to be anywhere else but UK during these periods. Winter here is nice on crispy sunny days, but how many of those days do you get? Dark mornings, dark evenings, short and endless cloudy and rainy days just lead me to depression. Instead of having so many short holidays in a year, we have been enjoying one long sunny holiday for the winter since retirement.

We realise that we are ageing very fast and may not be able to travel in the near future. We are travelling and taking as many pictures as we can now, so that we have the photos to look at, in the nursing home!!!

Every year, when we come back from our holidays, friends ask questions about the holiday. Common questions are:  "Where did you go this time? What was it like? Which part did you like? Why don't you bring the photos?". I thought if I design a web site and put my holiday diaries and some of our holiday photos on it, friends may be able to have some idea of our holidays.

There is one more question, which most people would like to ask but very few do. It is, "How much did you spend on your holiday?"  The answer is very simple. We do keep a record of our holiday expenses and we know exactly how much we have spent over the years. However, holiday cost is a matter of choice. It is quite common to hear about celebrities spending up to £50,000 on a two week holiday in one beach resort. This reminds me of some students who were travelling with us, on the Indian Pacific train from Sydney to Perth. Talking to some of them, I have learned that they obtain discounted tickets. They stay in hostels while they are travelling. They arrange their own, healthy meals, most of the time. Students travel for 6 months to a year and see a lot more for a daily cost of £15 to £20. You can spend as little or as much as you like.

Here is the summary of my diary for some winter holidays abroad, walking holidays in UK and other favourite places. Please read whichever section you might be interested in by choosing from the home page.


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